Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 10/11/2009

To the Editor,

On Saturday, September 26 we drove from our home in Elon to Mount Airy to visit our daughter and her family. While there, our parked car was hit by another vehicle, tearing the driver-side mirror off its mounting. With the mirror assembly hanging by the electrical wiring, we drove to the Patterson-Collins Dealership on U.S. 52 Bypass and asked for help. They were closing just as we arrived a few minutes before 2 p.m., but the three persons still in the office spent the next half hour temporarily re-attaching the mirror assembly so that we were able to return home Sunday morning as planned. We offered payment but they declined, saying they were pleased they could be of help.
Our hometown dealership ordered a new assembly, which will arrive in a few days, but the temporary repair is holding up find and we are most appreciative that those three people, whose names we didnt get, cared enough to lend a helping hand to us out-of-town strangers. Such hospitality is truly refreshing.

Charles and Kathryn Mullen

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