Cub Scout project will aid fishermen

First Posted: 4/25/2009

Tom Joyce
Staff Reporter

One of the requirements for a successful fishing trip is actually being able to reach the water, and that is now possible at a local trout stream thanks to a Cub Scout group.
Members of Pack 556, sponsored by Calvary Baptist Church of Mount Airy, spent Saturday afternoon installing foot bridges along a section of Pauls Creek just off Miller Road northwest of the city. The site is near a trout-stocking point on the creek where a new bridge is being constructed on Miller Road.
The wooden structures made by scouts will provide valuable access to the stream, which otherwise would be blocked by the presence of electric fences maintained by a neighboring farmer to keep his livestock corralled. While the property owner allows anglers to cross his land to reach Pauls Creek, this is hampered by the necessary fencing.
But something that posed a dilemma for fishermen became an opportunity for the Cub Scout group when it explored a community-service project that would allow the kids to learn the value of helping others.
The group worked with Kin Hodges, local District 7 wildlife biologist with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission, in launching its project to add the sturdy foot bridges to the local trout stream.
Were putting four in today, den leader Warren Conzone said Saturday afternoon along the banks of the creek where the fishing season had opened exactly three weeks before.
The foot bridges actually had been assembled Monday night by the scouts and their leaders, who also include Cub Master Regina Mundy. Conzone said the group used wood screws and nails to assemble the structures from treated lumber in 2-by-6 and other sizes.
All the materials were provided through private donations.
Were Cubs and this is a pretty big project, Conzone said of the age group involved, first-through-fourth-graders. Pack 556 has about 35 members.
After completing the structures earlier in the week, the group moved them to an area along Pauls Creek on Old Rail Road so they could be installed over the electric fences. The job involved placing heavy wooden posts in the ground to anchor the foot bridges.
The end result allows an angler to walk up a short flight of steps and down a similar set on the other side, totally circumventing the fencing.
Now that the Cub Scouts have allowed easy access to the creek, the rest will be up to the fishermen themselves.
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