Letters to The News

First Posted: 1/3/2009

To the editor,

Why does america continue to support foreign car companies. I fail to see why this is happening.
Gm has more fuel efficient cars on average then toyota and ford has tied or beaten the foreign car companies again and again in quality.
The ford and chevy trucks have been the industry leader for yrs and ford has had the best selling truck for 30 yrs running.
The prius is suppose to get great gas mileage but that is mostly in city driving and real world hwy numbers are on the average 38 mpg according to motortrend.Yet people ran out and bought one only to be disappointed in its performance.
Ford has a fusion coming out in jan. that gets 41mpg but you don’t hear anything about it.
The media was all over the big 3 bailout not calling it the big 3 loans that are to be paid back and they diden’t do there homework to realize ford diden’t want a loan or need one but they tied all 3 togeather.
You also don’t hear about toyota being down 39% and posting a record loss.
Its as if the journalist want to see the detroit automakers go down or don’t have the knowledge to report on it.
You never hear any good news about detroit like ford has added a second shift and are allowing overtime to keep up demand for there new f 150 and that it just won truck of the yr.
Support america and support our jobs so our kids can live the american dream.

Paul Watson
Mount Airy

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