Lending a helping hand should be something we all do

First Posted: 6/22/2009

Three families in Surry County will soon have new homes, thanks to the help of more than 150 people who traveled hundreds of miles from their own homes to aid those in our own back yard.
It is important to help those at home, like so many Surry Countians do on a regular basis through organizing fundraisers, spending money at fundraisers, donating food and clothes to those who cant afford it otherwise.
But we can take a lesson from those youths with the Woods Work committee of Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church in Severna Park, Md., as well.
The 120 teens and 40 adults traveled about 400 miles from their own hometown to make sure people in Surry County have good homes to move into.
The group is building three new homes in Dobson through a blitz build for the Greater Mount Airy Habitat for Humanity. They also had help from youths right here in our own community the walls for one home was built by East Surry High students and the groups housing is being provided by Surry Central High students.
As we think of things we can do to help those here at home and in countries abroad, we need to remember just as our community has needs, so do others in the U.S.
It shouldnt take events like hurricanes, tornados and floods to bring out the giving spirit in us. The need is here, and other places, year-round.
Thank you to the Woods Work group who has spent part of its summer vacation lending a helping hand, and hammer, for those in Surry County.
We encourage everyone to think about what you can do to help someone, whether its in your own back yard, or hundreds of miles away like these teens have done.

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