Shippers, Post Office say its been busy

First Posted: 12/23/2009

Monday was the last day you could mail packages and still guarantee that they could make it on time for Christmas, however, local postal and packaging store workers said people continue sending them out.
Its been very busy. Monday we got slammed with packages. I bet we got 2,500 packages Monday morning, said postal clerk Theresa Wilson Wednesday afternoon.
She said there were customers lined up out the doors at times.
December is our busiest time. We had people lined up out the door and going out the steps. Weve only got three clerks places. Keeping up was really hard. But we did the best we could. We sure are sorry about any delays people experienced standing in line, Wilson said.
She said now that the deadline for Christmas has passed, business has slowed.
It slowed down quite a bit. Weve had a steady flow nothing amazing.
Along with selling tons of stamps for Christmas cards, she said they ran out of the new flat-rate Priority Mail boxes.
We sold out of flat-rate boxes and we really had a good amount of stock in, so we are really hopping, she said.
Wilson said that many people dont realize that you can send a Christmas card to any APO address, to a soldier overseas, and the cost is only 44 cents. She said the post office will send any letter-size envelop to a soldier overseas for the price of a stamp.
The Mount Airy Post Office will be closing at 12 p.m. today. The Post Office will not reopen until Monday.
At Goin Postal, employee Jerry McCoy said they have been extremely busy this year, even more so than last year.
Its been crazy, echoed his co-worker Ricky Oakley.
A lot of people have been sending packages overseas. A lot of people have been sending Christmas presents to family living elsewhere. We had hundreds, maybe even thousands of packages come through here this week, McCoy said.
McCoy said that January is almost as busy as December.
Theres still a ton of people who will be sending out Christmas presents in January, said McCoy.
Goin Postal is located at 707 West Pine Street, in Suite 600. The business closes at 2 p.m. today.
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