Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 4/11/2009

To the Editor,

We were promised an annual windfall of $15 million, then $10 million, then $7 million for our small community. If a stranger came to your town and promised to plant money trees throughout the community. youd be skeptical. In Benson our leaders decided we should buy spades and dig the holes for those magical trees.
After two years, our taxes and utility costs continue to increase and our school district is deciding what to do about a possible need to cut $200,000.00 from its budget. Just before his recent death, Paul Harvey featured our town in a news story because a grant for which we had applied was awarded and we turned it back because we didnt have the matching funds. Our new business is an outlet for dented can goods.
Our streets and roads are overused and this week our sunsets are brownish.
Listen to independent thinkers in your community. Listen to engineers and scientists and disregard public relations schemes. Get information now available from the MPCA. You do not want to follow this Yellow Brick Road.
Darlene Martinson Ross

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