Accused murderer caught here

First Posted: 5/18/2009

A Tennessee man accused of murdering his estranged wife on Mothers Day has been apprehended in Mount Airy.
Carmen Vences, 41, an illegal immigrant from Mexico who reportedly has lived near Morristown, Tenn. for several years, was taken into custody here Friday afternoon by the U.S. Marshals Service. Authorities say that Vences shot his wife to death in front of three of the couples five children during a party in Hamblen County, Tenn., on May 10.
It could not be established Monday if Vences has relatives in Surry County, or had come here for some other reason after the shooting the previous Sunday. Tennessee authorities had feared that he might have returned to Mexico.
Vences will face a first-degree murder charge upon his extradition to the county of about 62,000 where the crime occurred in northeastern Tennessee.
The slaying took place in the early morning hours of Mothers Day while both Vences and Adelina Delasancha, 40, were at a party at a business near Morristown that had been rented for the occasion, according to published reports from Tennessee.
Explaining that the two were separated at the time, investigators say that Vences allegedly killed his wife in an apparent fit of jealous rage.
Vences had gotten into a fight with another man and while some others tried to escort him out, he broke free and ran back to Delasancha carrying a pistol. As she begged for her life, Vences allegedly stepped on the woman before shooting her repeatedly in the head.
The incident occurred in front of the couples three youngest children, including a 4-year-old, according to authorities. The children are now believed to be in the care of relatives.
Investigators say that alcohol was found at the scene, but it is not known if Vences was impaired at the time.
After being arrested in Mount Airy, he was jailed in Winston-Salem pending extradition to Tennessee.

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