Bank robbery occurs in Pilot Mountain

First Posted: 12/24/2009

PILOT MOUNTAIN RBC Centura Bank in Pilot Mountain was robbed of an undisclosed sum of cash Thursday afternoon, part of which the suspect left behind after a dye pack exploded a short distance from the bank.
No arrest had been made in the Christmas Eve incident as of late Thursday afternoon, when authorities were searching for a car in which the perpetrator is believed to have escaped.
The Pilot Mountain Police Department was notified of an armed robbery at the bank about 12:20 p.m. It is located at 101 Golf Course Road, just off U.S. 52.
A black male had come into the bank and approached a teller with a demand for cash. He never spoke he delivered a note, said Pilot Mountain Police Chief Darryl Bottoms. He did not display a weapon.
After receiving the money, the man, possibly in his early 20s, then left the bank on foot and headed down Golf Course Road, which runs parallel to U.S. 52.
We did locate some of the money a short distance away from the incident, said the police chief, explaining that the robber discarded part of the cash after the dye pack concealed with the money exploded.
The tainted bills were found along Golf Course Road about 300 yards from RBC Centura.
We believe he made his way to a vehicle and left the scene, the police chief said. A police tracking dog brought in to try to locate the suspect trailed him to that point, where the scent ended.
Bottoms added, We believe he may have left in a dark-colored, possibly small passenger car. Were not sure of the color.
The robber is described as about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, possibly weighing 185 pounds, with a medium build. He has a medium complexion. At the time of the crime, he wore a black Chicago Bulls cap, a gray hoodie sweatshirt and dark sunglasses.
No injuries occurred among customers or RBC Centura employees. The bank personnel, they handled the situation very well, Bottoms said.
Customers unaware of the robbery who arrived at the bank shortly after the incident were told by an officer standing outside that they could not enter the facility. Authorities were interviewing witnesses inside at that time as part of the investigation.
In addition to town police, Surry County Sheriffs Office and N.C. Highway Patrol personnel were at the scene.
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