Campaign costs over $6,300

First Posted: 9/23/2009

A candidate for mayor of Mount Airy has spent more than $6,300 on her campaign, according to the latest financial-disclosure reports filed on Sept. 8.
Documents released by the Surry County Board of Elections also show that Teresa Lewis had raised nearly $7,000 as of Aug. 25, meaning the reports do not reflect financial activity for the past few weeks leading into a mayoral primary on Oct. 6.
An updated financial report from Lewis is due on Sept. 28.
Lewis is the only one of the four candidates for mayor who is required to submit reports on her campaign contributions and expenditures, according to Susan Jarrell, director of the Surry County Board of Elections. Under state law, $3,000 is the threshold that dictates whether those disclosures must be made.
To be exempt from filing financial documents, the treasurer for an office-seeker who can be the candidate must file a certification under oath that they do not intend to receive or spend a sum exceeding $3,000.
Only Lewis indicated plans to eclipse that figure, while opponents Gene Clark, Paul Eich and Deborah Cochran are keeping their contributions and expenditures under the prescribed threshold.
The Lewis campaign spent $2,290 for signs, $1,104 for T-shirts and another $321 for buttons, based on figures for major disbursements from the latest financial reports. Nearly $2,000 had been spent on newspaper advertising by the Aug. 25 filing, which is listed as a 35-day campaign report.
Lewis was asked about the money spent on signs, T-shirts and other items during a candidates forum she appeared at last Thursday at Good Life Cafe. A citizen who brought up the subject during the public event questioned such expenditures in light of the candidate stressing a conservative viewpoint toward city government spending and related issues.
She said those expenses were possible due to support she has received from community residents. The campaign documents filed so far show that Lewis has contributed $5,800 to her own campaign.
Other financial supporters listed include C. Richard Vaughn Jr., an executive with Granite Development; John Springthorpe III, the president of SouthData Inc.; Thomas Langan, a lawyer from King who is an assistant district attorney for Surry and Stokes counties; Karen Springthorpe, listed as a retiree who also is associated with SouthData; and Donna L. Brannock, owner of Brannocks Exxon Service Center.
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