Diploma petition now available for some students

First Posted: 11/8/2009

RALEIGH Some students who did not receive a high school diploma may be able to petition for it due to a change in state policy.
In order to comply with Senate Bill 202/S.L. 2009-451, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has eliminated the competency tests in reading and mathematics as well as the computer skills test.
The computer skills test was originally taken by eighth graders. Those students who did not pass had the opportunity to retake the test throughout high school until they were able to pass. Passing this test was a requirement for graduation in the state of North Carolina.
The competency tests were taken by high school students who had not passed the eighth-grade reading or math end-of-grade tests. Passing these tests was also required for graduation for these students by the state.
Because these tests have been eliminated, students no longer enrolled in a public school who have met all state and local graduation requirements except for achieving proficiency on these tests may petition their former school for a diploma between now and July 1, 2014.
In order to file a petition, people should contact their former high school where they will be issued a petition letter. After filling out the form, people should return it to the school. The school will then contact student accountability at the school systems central office to ensure the records show all other state and local board requirements have been met.
To read more about the testing and accountability changes brought about by SB 202, visit the North Carolina General Assemblys Web site, use the Find Bills By Number search and scroll to page 34 of the Appropriations Act of 2009.

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