Newcomers club to continue

First Posted: 4/28/2009

The initial meeting for a new club set for newcomers to the area didnt quite turn out the way its founder, Peter Lydens, expected Tuesday night.
No one attended the first meeting.
But Lydens said those who are interested, but couldnt make it are not to be discouraged. Lydens said that he is aiming to have another meeting the third or fourth Tuesday in May, and the efforts to get the group under way will continue.
I foresee having speakers at each of the future meetings, which would help the people to know more about specific problems, so they can decide whether or not there is something they will get involved with, he said Tuesday.
The purpose of the group is to facilitate newcomers meeting other newcomers in the community, as well as to learn about the wide variety of facilities, services and opportunities for community involvement available in the greater Mount Airy area.
The idea is to introduce newcomers to the community and to other newcomers and provide them with information on what the community has to offer them, volunteer opportunities to make the community better place, Lydens said.
The club is sponsored by the Relocation/Retirement Committee of the Greater Mount Airy Chamber of Commerce.

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