Bella Bunnys big adventure

First Posted: 5/25/2009

After a short car ride, the appearance of two very interested dogs outside her new home and an even longer two-hour car ride, Bella the bunny finally arrived at her new home my house.
After talking about getting a rabbit for months, I finally succeeded after a trip home over the weekend. My mom had found a man who sells rabbits and we went by to see what he had. Bella was the first rabbit he handed me and I must admit, it was love at first sight.
That first evening back home was a little rough since she was in a new place surrounded by all of these giant things (sofas, tables, televisions and people). For a small bunny, that can be intimidating. This is of course on top of the two-hour drive which took her across the bumpier portion of Highway 52, one which I am sure jarred her poor teeth around in her head.
She spent much of the first evening sitting very still in the corner of the cage as if hoping that no one would notice she was there.
However, she has since branched out and will hop around without a care in the world. She has even taken to nibbling on the corner of the stack of newspapers I have to take to the recycling center. Now I am not a bunny expert, but I am pretty sure they should not ingest newsprint.
Bella has provided a great deal of entertainment since she has gotten over her shyness. She likes to leap into the air for no reason and often startles herself, though I am not entirely sure how she does that. She will sometimes run back and forth across her cage until she tires herself out. I have to say the cutest thing she does, however, is after she has woken up from a long nap. She will stretch her legs and yawn, just like a little person. I was not aware that bunnies yawned until Bella.
Having a rabbit has been great so far, but I am not blinded by all of the joy. I know that owning a pet comes with responsibilities. She has to be fed, watered and cleaned up after just like any other pet. However, unlike a dog or a cat, she does not run up and greet me at the door or even meow angrily when she does not have any food. Silent pets, I think, are harder to take care of because they do not remind you to do so.
I know that as a kid, I always begged for new pets, even though we always had at least two dogs the entire time I was growing up. While I wanted all kinds of pets, from rabbits to hamsters to horses, I never really wanted the full responsibility of taking care of that pet full-time. I wanted to be able to play with it and have fun with it, but when I was tired I wanted it to go away. When I was younger, I did not understand why my parents said no to so many of those requests. Now, I do.
I am older now and more responsible and I know that Bella will rely on me for everything. But, I think I am ready for that responsibility. After all, she is a bunny and if she does something bad, like chewing on cardboard or newsprint, I can just put her back in her cage and shut the door.
I think we are going to get along just fine though. We have made it through two whole days, so I take that as a good sign.
Morgan Wall is a staff reporter for The Mount Airy News. She can be reached at [email protected] or 719-1929.

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