School systems on target

First Posted: 7/23/2009

An atta-boy is due to all administrators, teachers and others associated with both the Mount Airy and Surry County school systems, as well as those at Millennium Charter Academy.
All the school systems showed tremendous achievement in the recently released preliminary Adequate Yearly Progress scores.
The AYP, as the system is commonly known, is a series of goals set by the state Board of Education for each school district, and in fact for each school, in North Carolina.
While many schools around the state have struggled to meet those, our local school systems have excelled. Twenty-four of the 25 schools in Surry County met those goals in the 2008-09 system, according to results released this week.
Mount Airy schools met 46 out of 46 goals, while Millennium met all nine of its goals.
To understand what an achievement this is, one must understand in order to meet AYP goals, not only must a high overall percentage of students be satisfactorily completed work at or above grade level, but even smaller subsets within the student body must as well.
In other words, if a smaller set of a student body say those who make up the Asian/Pacific Islander portion of the student body does not meet the goals set for the school, then the entire school fails.
That local schools have done so well when measured by this standard, as they have by so many other forms of testing and monitoring, is a testament to the professionalism and results-oriented style of leadership given by the school administrators, and the commitment of the teachers in the classroom.
This area is well-served by its public education system.

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