Candidates offer reason for seeking office

First Posted: 10/27/2009

Jonathan Snow was born and raised in Dobson. He is a graduate of Surry Central High School and attended N.C. State University and Guilford College.
He was in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam era and was honorably discharged with a Purple Heart. He retired from the Department of Defense as an air traffic controller after 32 years of service. He moved to Dobson in 2005.
Snow currently serves on the Dobson Planning and Zoning Board.

Here are Snows responses to a series of questions posed to board of commissioner candidates in Dobson to allow voters to learn about their positions in preparation for the election on Nov. 3. There are two seats on the board available.

Question: Why did you decide to run for office?
Answer: I thought I could help make a little bit of difference here in Dobson. Theres a lot of things going on right now. I felt like that I have enough intelligence to help out a little bit and give a little guidance.
Question: What would be your top three priorities of you are elected to office?
Answer: Its like they talked about the other night at the meeting going along with the county water and sewer. The town and county reached an agreement. The county hasnt taken up their part of the agreement thats one. That agreement was that the county was to supply equipment and employees, and a truck to help maintain water lines and read their meters and take care of them, because the town is going to do the billing. Like I said, the county hasnt lived up to their half of the agreement, as of yet anyway. And weve already taken on one water line and about to take on another one.
Another thing is the management of the sewer and water department. The town has been using tax money to balance the budget each year. Two years ago they had to put $30,000 in at the end of the fiscal year to balance it. They talked about that and waited until last February and then they raised the water rates here in town. Then when the fiscal year came up, they had to add $60,000 to balance it. So something is not right there. And the agreement that weve got on a loan to build this extension into Mount Airy has got to have the sewer and water stand independently. So theres going to have to be some dramatic changes that need to be made.
Another thing, I would push the town manager to apply for grants and get Wi-Fi for Dobson. I think the college is such an asset for the town and the town is not using it at all. If the town had Wi-Fi, I know Blacksburg does, and everywhere you go, people are on their computers and spending money opening new businesses. I think it would be a huge benefit for Dobson and there is grant money for that.
Question: Why do you think you deserve this office?
Answer: I think the voters are going to decide that.
Question: What will you do to increase community involvement?
Answer: Be available for the residents of Dobson to be in touch with me if they have a problem or if they have some particular need. I would be open and honest about everything that I do.
Question: Are you for or against the proposed curfew for teens younger than age 18?
Answer: I am for the curfew. I think the police chief needs it, and I think it would benefit the town of Dobson to reduce some of the break-ins in the area.

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