Dont shoot!

First Posted: 4/12/2009

Representatives from the U.S. Census Bureau will be in the county for the next 10 weeks.
The representatives will be traveling door-to-door through the county asking for mailing addresses for residents. They are asking people to provide a mailing address and a physical address for all units on their property. This includes apartments within the house or in another building on the property.
We dont care if youre here legally or illegally or if you owe taxes or whatever, said Michelle Rogers with the Bureau.
The bureau will then use the addresses they collect to mail out a questionnaire for residents to complete for the census.
According to Rogers, each representative will have a US Census Bureau badge around his/her neck to display to people and will have a confidentiality notice to present.
The representatives have been in the county for a week already and are hoping to have residents cooperate with them.

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