Letter to the Editor

First Posted: 2/9/2009

To the Editor,

Last month I helped organize a benefit for a friend who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease. The benefit, which took place on February 7th, turned out to be a great success. I had spent some time in prayer hoping that it would be successful and as I was trying to get the word out I was amazed at the love this community showed me. I will not mention names in fear that I may forget someone but thanks to the churches, news papers, radio stations, cable channels, car dealerships, restaurants, auto parts stores, friends and any where else that allowed me to hang flyers. Also, thank you to those who helped without even knowing this particular man or his family.
I have traveled all over the east coast either buying cars or racing and people ask me where I am from because of my hillbilly accent. I tell them Gods country, also known as Mayberry or Mount Airy. It seems as if everyone has heard of this place at some point. And you know, as I cross the top of the mountain and look down over this town, or land at the airport and envision being back home again, I always thank God for bringing me back home safely to my family, and the best, most gracious of people in the world. Thank you all again.
Chris Fleming
Mount Airy

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