Science can be so cool!

First Posted: 5/15/2009

Mount Airy High School student Nicole King plans to be a lawyer, but yesterday she switched places with a teacher instead.
King, along with a handful of other students from Mount Airy High School, visited B.H. Tharrington Primary School to teach various science lessons for the day. Mount Airy High School students studying science visit area elementary schools each year to teach students science lessons.
The elementary students had the chance to participate in different exercises including making slime, making volcanoes explode and making masks of reptiles.
I love kids, said King, shortly after she showed a second-grade class how to make slime with water and glue. Its really interesting all the stuff they ask us. They got really excited when they learned they would make slime, they started screaming and playing with it.
Jackie Acosta, 9, said the slime was pretty cool, but the experiment where her class made ice cream was even better.
We put milk in a bag and shook it really hard inside another bag that had salt, she said. And then we could add different flavors like chocolate or vanilla.
Classmate Fatima Hernandez, 8, said she thought the ice cream was yummy, but playing rockman was more exciting.
Its like Guitar Hero, but its rockman, she explained about rockman, which like Guitar Hero, uses a peripheral to simulate the playing of rock music songs. The exercise taught the children about sound and vibrations.
Brittany Easter, who is a junior, said she plans to be a nurse, but playing teacher for a day is something she said wouldnt mind doing again because she can spend time with kids.
I would definitely participate in this again next year, she said. I really like kids.
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