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First Posted: 5/17/2009

Habitat for Humanity had its second home dedication in a matter of weeks Sunday afternoon.
The house is not quite ready to be inhabited, but the family it is intended for is working hard to ensure that day is not far off.
Were very excited to be able to do this more often, said Habitat Executive Director Tim VanHoy. Were here to help families become home owners. It doesnt become a home until a familys love is included in it.
For the Kearns family, this home will be the realization of several months of hard work. For the Greater Mount Airy Habitat for Humanity, the home will account for a couple of firsts.
This house is the only two-story habitat house in the county. It was built for another family who needed habitats services, but have since moved on to a new home. Workers labored to renovate the house to make it fit for the Kearns to move in. This is the first time Habitat for Humanity has been able to go in and renovate a house for a new family.
Although some of the carpet still needs to be laid and the plumbing in the bathrooms is not finished, a number of people still gathered at the home Sunday afternoon to celebrate with the Kearns and take a tour of the house, imagining what the finished product might look like.
The Kearns filled out their application forms in December, knowing that if they were approved, they were destined for the house in question. When the family first sought out Habitat for Humanitys help, they were living in a homeless shelter. They have since been moved to a rental house which at least provides them with a roof. As the process draws to a close, Sherry Kearns feels the excitement growing.
Its getting hard because it is so close. Were getting antsy, she said. This is a dream come true. This has been an experience and a good one.
Walter, Sherry, Andrew, Scott and Mark Kearns have all pitched in to help renovate their new house as is required by Habitat for Humanity, but they have had a great deal of help from other families being helped by the organization as well as volunteers from the community.
Theyre the sweetest people Ive ever know, said Sherry of the staff at habitat as well as the people other families helped by the organization. I told them Im going to come work on all their homes even though Ive finished my hours. I just jumped in with both feet.
We did this for them, Sherry said, referring to her three sons. They deserved to grow up somewhere they can feel safe. Were ready to start a new chapter in our lives.
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