Male Athlete of the Week

First Posted: 1/22/2009

Name: Marvin Spicer
School: Surry Central
Class: Senior
Sport: Basketball

Notable: Spicer scored 12 points, grabbed clutch rebounds and hit two free throws in the final seconds of his team’s 45-41 win over East Surry Jan. 15 in Pilot Mountain.
Surry Central coach Ken Eiswald said Spicer, also the Golden Eagles starting fullback, brings toughness and quiet leadership to the court for his team.
Marvin is one of those guys, ever since I have known him, that if I need someone to chew out and just take it, it will be Marvin, Eiswald said. Hes tough and hes one of those guys near the end of a ball game when everything is frantic, the look on his face says, Ill take care of things. There is nothing fantastic about him as a basketball player, but he is smart, he is tough and he knows what his job is.
Spicers job this season has been to patrol the lane for the Golden Eagles (8-7, 1-4). While he may not score a tremendous amount of points, Spicers interior defense, bulk and rebounding ability have made him a vital cog in Centrals rotation.
I try to bring aggressiveness on the boards and just an intimidating presence inside and a little bit of scoring in the post, Spicer said of his philosophy this season. I think I am one of the strongest players around and whatever the people that I am playing against are not comfortable doing, I like to make them do that.
Eiswald said that in his two years on Surry Centrals varsity team, Marvin has improved his composure and basketball knowledge to become someone his coach looks at as a crunch-time player.
When they are putting a shot up late, I want Marvin in the ball game, Eiswald said. Because I know he is going to be on that back side sealing somebody. Hes going to do what we need to do right there. He is going to make the play that needs to be played late in the ball game.
Spicer credits his football experience for helping him to be tough down low for Central this season and for molding him into a lead by example type teammate.
I kind of feel like the guys follow me and the other seniors a little bit because weve been there before and they kind of trust us, Spicer said. I think the better way to teach someone instead of telling them what to do is just show them how to do it and they can follow that. If you dont show them, they arent sure that you can actually do it.
Eiswald said Spicer is also a good example for younger players because he maximizes his talents on the court.
Those of us that were never blessed with great athleticism, you better learn how to use what youve got and thats what he does, Eiswald said.
As for the rest of the season, Marvin said he has hopes that Surry Central can make a buzz in this year’s MVC 2-A Conference tournament and take that momentum with them into the state tournament.
Id like to definitely make a run in the conference tournament and at least get a win in the postseason, Spicer said. We havent done that in a while and I think we have the team that can do it.

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