Thumbs up/Thumbs down

First Posted: 12/26/2008

Thumbs up
A big Thumbs Up to the many businesses, non-profit agencies, churches, groups and individuals who have given so much from their time and resources over this holiday season.
These are tough times, and there are no doubt people here who did not have as good a Christmas as they would have liked. But, this area is such a giving and caring one there were hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who had a much better Christmas than they otherwise could have had because of the generosity of this community.
To the people who light up their homes for the holidays, giving passers-by a real holiday treat as they travel the roads. And especially big thumbs up for those folks who really go all out, lighting their homes, outbuildings, even building special displays, simply to give some enjoyment to others.
To the men and women serving in the U.S. Armed forces. We have plenty of local folks doing that right now, and being away from home during the holidays is particularly difficult. These people deserve all the thanks and support we can give.

Thumbs down
To Capt. William Morris and Sgt. Billy Fields.
Actually, there are no such people, at least not in the Mount Airy Police Department nor in the N.C. Highway Patrol. But, there are at least two people claiming those names as their own and trying to swindle area residents out of their money.
People claiming these names are taking advantage of peoples generous nature, especially at this time of year, claiming to be raising money for the respective law enforcement agencies, with the money going to help area needy people.
We hope these folks are caught, and find themselves inside a jail cell.

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