Letters to The News

First Posted: 12/29/2008

To the editor,

Here are some questions I would like answered by the City Commissioners.
How much money did Mt.Airy have in their reserves when Mr. Brookshire was hired?
How much money does Mt.Airy have in their reserves today?
What is Mt.Airy going to do when there are no more reserves, and we still owe millions?
How many industries and jobs have been lost since Mr. Brookshire was hired?
Did Mr. Brookshire get a raise in salary for 2008?
How many other city employees got raises for 2008?
Did Mr.Brookshire ever sugest that all city employees take a pay cut instead of cutting more services during this financial crisis?
I’m sure there are other questions that people in the city want answered. Please do something!! Nothing will be done if you dont write, or call, the newspapers. Nothing will be done if you don’t write, or call, your city commissioners. Let them know how you feel on this very important matter.
This is the best Christmas present we could get. The City Managers contact is up. Dont miss this wonderful opportunity to change the way things have been done.
I think an appropriate serverance package is a one way ticket to Slobovia. That’s a small island in the Paciic that has 15 million dollars in reserves. And the people dont speak English. So they wont be able to understand what Mr. Brookshire says any more than we do!

Fred C.Marchi,Jr
Mount Airy

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