Santa delights children before big day

First Posted: 12/24/2008

Staff Reporter

Santa Claus has been taking wishes from boys and girls of all ages over the past month at Mayberry Mall. But, he had to go back home on Christmas Eve to prepare for his long journey around the world delivering presents.
This year, he said, little girls have mostly been asking for I-pods, cell phones and dolls. Boys want anything that has wheels on it and computer games.
He said people from 11 days old to 88-years-old have told him their wishes this year.
Some children want things that Santa cant do, like bring Mommy and Daddy together. Santa can make plenty of toys and loves to give children things that will make them happy, he said.
He explained how he will be able to get to all of the houses around the world on time.
I have a sleigh drivers license from Dec. 23 to Dec. 26 so I can chase the sun and make my deliveries on time.
Santa said that not all houses have chimneys, but he has his way of getting into homes with his special magic.
Ill either think of a chimney and make it happen or I can come in through the key hole.
Santa said that he has not only been visiting with children at Mayberry Mall, he has been all over listening to every little boy and girls wishes.
Santa is everywhere. I have been here for many years at Mayberry Mall and so many other places too. I have to do it that way.
Santa said his favorite thing to deliver is happiness and peace there will be lots of toys as well.
Santa said there will be no coal in stockings this year.
Children are so good. I hope all people can be children at Christmas … and may love shine in their hearts. That is the secret to Christmas that all people should have.
Santa Claus has been delivering presents to children for the past 1,700 years.
He said he loves his job because all children are precious.
I love the children, thats what makes my job so rewarding, Santa said.
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