Show a little respect, for someone

First Posted: 12/29/2008

I spent my holidays at home this year, returning to work on Saturday. As I was leaving my parents driveway I noticed the sign at the end looked a little odd. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it had been vandalized.
Someone had spray painted the sign with hot pink, purple and orange spray paint, completing rendering it unusable. Not only that, but they had spray painted obscenities on one side.
I know that we are not the only people to which this has happened, but it seemed a pointed attack seeing as there were no other reports of damage in the county.
The fact that the sign is ruined does not affect me as much as the thought that someone would have such little respect for the property of others. And, worse than that, that they would have such little respect for themselves. In what universe is it acceptable to not only destroy property but also to insult the owners with the word choice?
It seems cowardly to attack a sign, an immovable object incapable of defending itself, in the dead of night at the end of a half-mile long driveway. I am not sure I quite understand the purpose other than to show that the person is petty, mean and, above all, immature.
There must be more productive ways to spend time than coming up with the idea to spray paint a sign as a form of revenge, which was likely the motivation for this act. Plant a tree, learn a new language, cook a gourmet meal. Or, in an effort to let off some steam, head to the gym or go for a run on a trail. Spray painting a sign serves no purpose other than to force the owner to put up a new sign.
Instead of turning to property destruction, car egging and toilet papering a tree, take up a new hobby, sign up for some anger management classes or just move away. All of these options show respect not only for others, but for self as well. Is it not better to make a dignified exit than be caught, smoking gun in hand, in the middle of the night by the police as will inevitably happen?
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