Golden Eagles defeat Bears in tight match

By Tanya Chilton

August 23, 2013

Surry Central girls varsity volleyball team took their third victory in row on Thursday by pulling out a close battle against the Mount Airy Bears.

Centrals’ Cassidy Joyner finished the fourth game with a kill to end the set 25-23.

Golden Eagles Head Coach Carrie Hutchens said Central came out for the first game by playing aggressive, moving well on the court and playing solid volleyball all around.

The first game ended Golden Eagles 25-22.

Hutchens said the Golden Eagles continued to deliver much of the same style to take the second victory by a score of 25 -14.

In the third game, the roles were reversed, said Hutchens. The Golden Eagles coach said the team began making mental errors and mistakes.

At that point, the momentum switched to the Bears and they pulled ahead for the biggest lead of the evening, getting as much as eight points ahead of Central.

Mount Airy claimed the third game victory in a heated battle that ended Bears 25-21.

Kathyrn Beasley’s solid play and tenacity along with across-the-net shots by Jasmine Varney, a workhorse most of the game in the front, helped set the stage for Bear win.

In the fourth game, Tessa Rodgers led in serving for the Bears. Again, with several Jasmine Varney hits on the sideline, the Bears pulled ahead of the Golden Eagles by a 3-2 score. The Bears then fell behind after solid team play by the Eagles.

Golden Eagle Emma White’s serves changed the momentum after she tied the game 6-6 then pushed the Eagles ahead 10-6.

Strategically, the Bears quickly called a time out. The Bears then began to gain ground with solid team net play, serves and more hustle by Beasley and Varney. With fewer mental errors than earlier in the match the Bears eventually brought game four to a 16-16 tie.

Hutchens called a time-out, then the Eagles pulled away for a 25-23 win.

Hutchens said the fourth game went neck and neck but “we still came back and pulled it out,” said Hutchens. “They fought for the win in the fourth game.”

Hutchens said both teams played hard overall and the Golden Eagles did capitalize on Bear errors.

“We are a team, we play as a team, and they all bring a little something to the game, all the team brings it together,” said Hutchens.

In kills, Tori Blevins recorded 5, McKenzie Daniel 4, Makayla Draughn 1, Kendra Johnson 2, Cassidy Joyner 14, Kristin Key 2, Kaitlin Kidd 7, Brooke Lewis 1 Kelsey Taylor 5.

In blocks Emma White recorded 2, Taylor 1, Kidd 1.

Kidd led with 28 assists, Holly Mason recorded 7, Laura Dobbins 5,

Kendra Johnson led with 16 digs, Joyner recorded 3, Kidd 3, Lewis 3, Taylor3

In aces, Johnson recorded 1, Joyner 2, Kidd 2 and Taylor 1.

Bears coach Chuck Morris could not be reached for comment.