Time to decide on mini-park

By John Peters

August 29, 2013

Mount Airy Commissioner Scott Graham says it’s time to make a decision on a proposed downtown park, to either build it or forget it.

And we agree.

We also join him in questioning the ever-growing price tag, which one concept had at an astounding $135,000 for what is to be a small mini-park for people to use downtown for a quick rest.

Initially, the idea was to build a park at the corner of North Main and West Oak streets, with maybe some benches and similar amenities. In those early talks, the price tag guesstimate was around $10,000.

Since then, nearly 10 different proposals have been presented for the park, with varying tabs. Graham is pushing for a decision by the Sept. 5 commissioners meeting — whether that decision be choosing which plan to use, or deciding to scrap the whole idea.

We think the idea of a mini-park at that location is a good one.

As for the price tag? Graham suggests keeping the cost in the $80,000 range, a combination of $70,000 already committed by the board and a hope to raise the additional money through private fundraising. That seems like a lot for what started out as mostly a place for some park benches, but ultimately the mini-park could add to the overall atmosphere and quality of the downtown area, so it could very well be worth the investment.

Either way, as Graham said, it is time to make a decision.