Bears win conference game and 12th in row

Tanya Chilton Staff Reporter

September 20, 2013

WINSTON-SALEM — Mount Airy Bears won their 12th soccer game in a row against Atkins on the road by a score of 6-1.

The Bears were 4-1 at half-time, and Mitchell Brown led the Bears with the first goal.

He also led the game in scoring registering a hat trick.

Bear Felipe Chavez had one goal and one assist, Jose Perez had two goals, Sam Watson had two assist. Goalie Scott Kunkell had 11 saves. Carlos Carillo had 15 steals and one assist; Cristian Cabrera had 10 steals and Angel Rodriguez had five steals.

Head Coach Will Hurley said, overall it was a good team effort and the Bears played really well.

“It was a good start for the conference,” he said.

The Bears have two conference games next week. They will meet Bishop away on Tuesday and East Surry at home on Thursday.

The junior varsity won 7-0 over Atkins.