Thumbs Up

By John Peters

October 5, 2013

(Please use the graphic for Thumbs Up for the first item and Thumbs down for the second item)

To all the area students, athletic teams, and individuals who have been a part of the various pink-out or pink events as a part of cancer awareness activities. While virtually everyone is aware of the devastating effects cancer can have on a patient and those around him or her, these events continue to raise money for cancer research, to honor those who have survived and as a way to memorialize those who have succumbed to the disease.


Thumbs down…

To who else? Congress, for once again showing the world that Washington is filled with ideologues who are more concerned with grandstanding and making political points while so many people in the nation are struggling with joblessness, underemployment, and no access to adequate health care. Unfortunately, until meaningful reform takes root — term limits, campaign finance limits — we will all continue to be held hostage by this inexcusable behavior.