Time for GOP to listen to the American people

By John Peters

October 6, 2013

It is time for the Republican Party leaders in Washington to set aside their ego and do their job — pass a spending bill that conforms to federal law.

The impasse in Washington, the government shutdown that has furloughed hundreds of thousands of workers, shut down necessary federal operations and threatens to wreak havoc on the economy if it is allowed to continue, is about one thing — the Affordable Health Care Act.

This shutdown is not about federal spending, it’s not about trimming the deficit, it’s not about fairness or serving the American citizens, it is solely a group of petulant politicians bent on undoing the will of the American people.

Please do not misunderstand, this is not an endorsement of the Act. There are plenty of arguments for and against the existence of the law, and when you strip away all of the falsehoods and half-truths there are still legitimate reasons to favor and oppose the law.

But those battles, by and large, have already been fought. President Obama ran for office in 2008 promising a number of things, one of which was extending access to adequate health care to all Americans. He won that election. Congress fought him, fueled by the money-hungry medical insurance companies who do little more than leech money from the system without adding anything of significance.

So, the compromise bill worked out between the president the Congress was the Affordable Health Care Act — far from perfect, but better than the present system. Both houses of Congress approved it, the president signed it into law. Mitt Romney ran against Obama in 2012 and made one of the centerpieces of his campaign to repeal the Act. He lost.

The Supreme Court even found the Affordable Health Care Act was constitutional after ruling on a challenge to the law.

The case should be closed.

But many in the Republican Party, including our own 6th District Rep. Howard Coble, have decided they don’t care about the will of the American people, nor do they care about the people who are suffering from the government shutdown.

It is our hope that those who live in his district will demand he change that stance, and that they also remember this should he decide to seek re-election.