Bears stay undefeated with 9-1 win over Atkins

Jeff Linville Staff Reporter

October 9, 2013

The Granite Bears found cracks in the Atkins’ defense and attacked all night for a 9-1 soccer win Tuesday.

Atkins played tough defense in the first match, noted Coach Will Hurley, but Mount Airy managed to get several shots on goal in both halves for the one-sided win.

On Sept. 19, the Bears had to work hard to get looks, but still pulled out a 6-1 victory. In the rematch, the Bears’ Felipe Chavez alone had four shots on goal in the first 10 minutes.

Chavez scored once on a shot from the right side. A few minutes later he had the same look on a breakaway, but the keeper stopped him. Then he had a chance at a header on a pass from the left side. Finally, Chavez had a diving try to punch a ball past the keeper who had come out from his net.

Chavez only converted one of those four tries, but he would end up with four goals on the night as the Bears were relentless on the attack.

The score looks high, but that keeper was really good, said Hurley.

“We shot on him all night, and he stopped a lot of goals,” he said.

Jeremy Chappell also had a hat trick (three goals) for the Bears.

“Jeremy shot one so hard I thought the goal was going to flip over,” said Hurley.

Mitchell Brown had three assists and scored on a penalty kick.

Sam Watson and Frederico Machado had one goal each.

Frederico’s goal came on an assist from a defender.

Carlos Carrillo, who had 20 steals in the game, took the ball away from his man and raced up the field with it, described Hurley. Then Carlos sent a beautiful cross from the corner to Frederico for a header into the net.

The coach called this a “great overall team effort” and said his team played much better than the first meeting.

Asked what made a difference this time, Hurley said the Camels were prepared to stop any lobs over the middle to Felipe. Instead, he had the guys spread out wide to pull the defenders apart. Then they kept through balls low to the ground so the defenders didn’t have time to reach the ball.

Some quick give-and-go plays also caught defenders out of position, he added.

The Bears improved to 15-0-1, 4-0-1 in the Northwest Conference.

The JV team won 3-0 to improve its conference record to 4-1. The team has just two sophomores and the rest are freshmen, Hurley noted.

Next Tuesday, the Bears host Bishop McGuinness for Senior Night.