A fun, festive holiday

By John Peters

October 28, 2013

I don’t want to sound like some sort of pagan, but I love Halloween. When I was a kid, it was neck-and-neck as to whether I liked Halloween or Christmas better.

I wouldn’t have traded the excitement of visiting Santa, of going to bed on Christmas Eve wondering what I would find the next morning for all the Halloween candy in the world. But, if I had really been pushed to choose one or the other, I think I might have tried some negotiating to get a little of both.

As I grew older and gained a better understanding of Christmas that took on a different importance on a somewhat deeper level. Still, it’s hard to beat Halloween for simple, pure fun. Even as a young adult, I enjoyed Halloween parties, haunted houses, and the general festive nature of the day.

Later, once I was married and with kids of my own it was even more fun to sit down with my kids as they carved pumpkins, dressed in their costumes (and we had some creative ones along the way), and then we’d spend the evening taking them around trick-or-treating.

Now we only have one child at home still trick-or-treating, and while I get great enjoyment doing that, I can see the time when we won’t even be going that any longer.

Fortunately, around Mount Airy there are still a host of Halloween activities for those of us who enjoy the season. Last week I think quite a few folks enjoyed Surry Animal Rescue’s Halloween Costume Ball & Haunted Walk-Through, and last night was the annual Boo Bash at Old North State Winery, held as a benefit for the Mount Airy Museum of Regional History.

Of course, there is the usual Surry Arts Council’s pumpkin decorating workshop, a host of trick-or-treating opportunities at downtown businesses on Halloween night, as well as a community shindig with WSYD at the museum that afternoon.

That doesn’t begin to touch on various haunted houses and trails, trunk-or-treating activities held by various churches in the area, and the new Trick-or-Treat on the Greenway. Some of those events are definitely for kids, while others offer a little fun for the grown-ups.

What’s great about so many of these events is that many offer some great Halloween fun while raising money for some wonderful causes.

And if that doesn’t do it for you, it’s the one time of year you can easily invite a few friends over and have a costume party, get away from the daily grind dressed as someone else.

One thing I do hope everyone will remember is that on Halloween our local streets will be filled with kids going house to house. Please, of all nights, take it easy if you’re driving the highways. Go slow, keep an eye out for the kids, and make it a fun, safe holiday for all.