Thumbs up…

By John Peters

November 16, 2013

To the folks organizing the Joanne Jordan Memorial Meal Project at First Baptist Church. Through their efforts, more than 300 families had a hot, sound Thanksgiving Day meal in their home last year, a number that will probably be matched, or exceeded, this year. For two decades the folks at the church, along with other volunteers in the community, having been providing this important service.


To all of those local organizations and individuals who took part in Veteran’s Day celebrations on last weekend and on Monday. The men and women who have served in the military should always be remembered and honored for their work, and it is good to see so many turn out to do so in this community.


To all of the individuals and teams to be inducted into the Surry County Hall of Fame today. Whether through exploits on the court and field, or through coaching and teaching young people over the years, each of you have represented the community well.