By John Peters

January 1, 2014

To the Editor,

I disagree with many of your articles, but the Obamacare piece you posted shows that you favor socialized medicine.

So much of Obamacare was sold to the people and the Democrat senators who pushed it through as a lie. Did the senators like Kay Hagan know it was a lie and just a way to overload yet another government system and program to create what Hillary wanted in 1993; single payer?

The $600 million wasteful site is just a smokescreen to overshadow the fundamental problem that health care is not an unalienable right as stated in our founding document. It cannot be a right if someone else has to pay for it. It is causing millions to lose their MD’s and their insurance plan. Just like so much else this administration does to exclude many different parties from the mandates is without any minority party involvement! He bypasses the power of the purse in Congress by changing the law and using executive privilege and it is unconstitutional.

I also disagree with the MD in another letter praising your piece who compared socialized medicine in Norway where there are NOT 50 million on food stamps. In no other country is there millions more getting three and four government checks and it is like comparing grapes to pumpkins. Insurance cannot survive with no limits on pre-existing conditions and the ACA (another deceptive name) cannot survive without young healthy people buying into the Lie and paying large premiums!

Kevin Shinault

Pilot Mountain