Franklin student takes county spelling bee

David Broyles

February 11, 2014

Franklin Elementary School Champion Emily Jones captured the County Spelling Bee's top honors at Gentry Middle School in round six on a one-person, one-word round.

The intrepid little blond set up the win on the word” isobar” and sealed it by correctly spelling “diagnosis.” When told of the sudden death nature of the final round, she looked at the judges and said, “fire away.” In the sixth round the words taking down here three rivals were “lariat,” “temporal,” and “potash.” Jones will advance to regional competition scheduled at the Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts in Winston-Salem on March 23.

“I am really proud of all of you,” School Superintendent Dr. Travis Reeves told the students at the beginning of the county champion competition. “It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of all these people. I want you to continue to work hard on all you're academic studies. Spelling is important in language and communication and all other academic pursuits.”

A tiebreaker decided who finished in second, third, and fourth places after a misstep on the word “trauma” gave Shoals' Colton Allen a fourth place finish. Landon Smith of Pilot Elementary finished third after the word “prattle” tripped him up. Lili Craven, of Pilot Mountain Middle, was second.

Words in round one which took down two competitors were “sable” and “earthenware.” The work “prescription” took out one competitor in round two and “prairie” and “belladonna ” sent two more school champs to the second row. “knapsack”and “hinterland” claimed two more in round four and “stucco” and “muumuu” took out two more to leave the final four at the beginning of round six.

Other school champions in the district bee were Garyn Bander of Cedar Ridge, Itzel Hernandez of Copeland, Angel Williamson of Flat Rock, Karson Crouse of Mountain Park, Jacob Cave of Rockford, Chloe Hunter of Westfield, Addison Brady of White Plains, MacKenzie Boyles of Central Middle, Leah Harris of Gentry Middle and Anthony Long of Meadowview Middle.

Grade level winners in the county competition were as follows:

Fourth grade:

First place : Austin Cave of Dobson, Second place: Hannah Johnston of Westfield, Third place: Nicholas Boggs of Pilot Elementary and Fourth place: Maggie Robertson of Franklin.

Fifth grade:

First place: Mackenzie Halstead of Westfield, Second place: Santana Wilson of Cedar Ridge, Third place: Courtney Brown of Shoals and Fourth place: Gracie Fairbanks of Pilot Mountain Elementary School.

Sixth grade:

First place: Devin Bullington of Pilot Mountain Middle, Second place: Chloe Easter of Meadowview Middle, Third place: Magaly Sanches of Gentry Middle and Fourth place: Abigail Johnson.

Seventh grade:

First place: Nolan Gilliam, Pilot Mountain Middle, Second place: Mattie Grace Snow, Central Middle, Third place: Lexis Collins, Meadowview Middle and Fourth Place: Tori Vansall of Gentry Middle.

Eighth grade:

First place: Daphne Dotson, Pilot Mountain Middle, Second place: Bethany McCormack, Meadowview Middle, Third place: Dannis Cazarez, Central Middle and Fourth place: Shaylee Tilley, Gentry Middle.

Moderator Dana Draughn recognized the support of word pronouncer Tony Marion. She told the students Marion had not only won the county bee, he had also won regional and state honors and finished fourth in the nation. Board of Education members Brian Moser, Clark Goings and Sue Stone were also present to congratulate the students who were pressented awards in the media center upon completion of the championship bee.

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