Conditions treacherous, many find

By Jessica Johnson

February 13, 2014

With treacherous road conditions, driving as an adventure in Mount Airy and Surry County Wednesday and Thursday.

Many drivers, who failed to clean snow from the top of their vehicles before driving, were stopping in the middle of the road to clear snow from their windshields after it fell from the top of their car, causing several near-accidents.

Lowe’s Foods in Mount Airy cleared their parking lot early, before the second round of snow began to fall, and a full staff of employees were ready to greet customers, with plenty of Valentine’s Day items in stock for those who wanted to brave the weather to shop for their loved ones or grab that much-needed milk and bread.

Plenty of milk and bread was also on hand at Lowe’s Foods, with the few customers in the store making sure they picked up an extra gallon or two. Gretchin Tomlin said she tried to shop at Walmart yesterday, but the bread and milk was depleted, along with other items like cheese, so she elected to wait until today, but only made it to Lowe’s foods, instead of braving the longer drive to Walmart.

“I thought since Lowe’s had plenty, I’d pick up an extra gallon or two for my neighbors, in case they needed it,” Tomlin said.