Lady Eagles fall to 3A West Iredell 4-0

Jeff Linville

March 5, 2014

STATESVILLE — Surry Central’s soccer team lost 4-0 to West Iredell Tuesday.

The Lady Eagles (1-1) faced a strong 3A team on the road, but still played a good first half, according to the coaches.

The Lady Warriors scored in the second minute of the game, but for the next 38 minutes the Eagles played them evenly and even seemed to steal the momentum going into halftime, said Coach Matt Richardson.

That first goal was a defensive breakdown, he said. The dribbler centered the ball, and her teammate finished it.

Still, by the half, the Eagles had more shots on goal (8-6) than the home team.

The girls did a good job of generating chances for themselves, but either the shots were offline or the balls that were centered didn’t have a person in the right spot to finish, Richardson explained.

Even though Central was down 1-0, the coach felt good about his team’s chances in the second half, but then things changed.

West Iredell was more disciplined and added three goals in the second half, Richardson said.

“We lacked possession in the midfield,” he said. “Whether that’s from being tired or out of position, I’m not quite sure.” He also noticed a lack of cohesion for the team. The players weren’t opening up for each other or moving the ball to space.

If the Eagles don’t seem like a team yet, that is understandable since the squad still hasn’t had a single practice at full strength.

With girls moving over from basketball and cheerleading, the team’s first practice would have been Monday, but the afternoon snowfall ruined that plan. Now, the girls will finally get a chance to work together this afternoon before hosting North Wilkes on Thursday.

The Eagles don’t have a home date with the Warriors, but Richardson sounded like a coach who would love a second chance at the 3A school, especially after some needed practice time.

“I feel like that is a team that we can compete with better than a four-nothing result,” he said.