SCC Spring 2014 Art Show features 50th anniversary pieces

Staff Report

March 18, 2014

DOBSON — The very nature of student creativity ensures every art show is different but Surry’s Spring 2014 Student Art Show will be unique with pieces created around the theme of the college’s 50th Anniversary.

The show is sponsored by the Surry Community College Art Club. A variety of artistic creations including graphic design, drawings, photography, ceramics and watercolor paintings will be on display.

“We do this every semester with a fall show and a spring show,” said Arts and Humanities Division Chairperson DanaJean Mabry. “Art shows let students see the public reaction to their work and gives our graphic design students valuable networking contacts.”

She said instructors from other schools also frequent the shows and students learn about even more educational opportunities from them. Mabry said the school boasts drawing studios, a layout lab and “probably one of the best ceramics lab in the state.”

Mabry said some of her water color class students were asked to use the numbers “5” and “0” as a starting point for their drawings for the show.

“There will be some interesting pieces there,” Mabry said. “The anniversary is an added interested piece for the show this spring and it will be a one time only thing.”

Lead Instructor for Advertising/Graphics Design Jay Smith said his students were happy to pick up the challenge of creating 50th anniversary inspired works and let a portion of their projects reflect this event. Around seven of his students graduate in May and will exhibit works from their college career portfolios.

He said advances in technology have helped to establish graphic arts as a viable voice in the arts community. Similar to other fine arts, technology drives the creative process in graphic arts. He said graphic arts also demands students develop entrepreneur skills to market themselves.

“Technology is just another tool,” said Smith. “It’s just a brush without a wooden handle, a way for students to realize their creativity.” He said another constant is the art show process is building an emerging artist’s confidence. Smith explained creativity in a classroom of like-minded persons is different than opening up your work to the community for its appraisal. He said students are usually nervous as they select work for their first show.

“That apprehension after the first show leaves. It almost comes as a relief,” said Smith. “A critique outside of the creative circle they are in is very important. This is often the point where students have dabbled and the show is their first step on a trip to become a designer. It absolutely takes courage but they push through it and they do it. You see almost a different more confident persons after the first night.”

The show is scheduled to be open to the public from March 27 through May 15 at the Shelton-Badgett Center for Viticulture & Enology at Surry Community College. According to organizers, the Spring Student Art Show will open with a reception on March 27, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the center.