Mount Airy Reds win regular season, tournament

Staff Report

June 25, 2014

The Mount Airy Reds, a Surry County Cal Ripken Minor League baseball team, is the North regular season champions with an undefeated record at 12-0.

The Reds recently won the 2014 Minor League Championship Tournament in a doubleheader against the Beulah Royals, finishing with a record of 16-1.

Head coach David McDuffie and assistant coaches Brad Gywn, Zane Poindexter and AJ Koehler guided the 12 players. The team is Ashton Gwyn, Justin Koehler, Brooks Sizemore, Janson Dezern, Reece McDuffie, Devyn Joyce, Ethan Venable, Bryce Koehler, Noah Troutman, Ethan Holladay, Avery Poindexter and Franklin Bennett.

Three players received special awards for their performance during the championship tournament. The All-Tournament Team Member Awards were given to Reece McDuffie and Devyn Joyce. Most Valuable Player for the 2014 Minor League Championship Tournament was awarded to Ashton Gwyn.

The tournament was held in Dobson and included the Mount Airy Reds, Beulah Royals, White Plains Pirates, Mount Airy White Sox, Dobson Yankees, White Plains Red Sox and Copeland Mets.