Health Department Inspections

Health Department Inspections is a regular listing of inspections conducted in Surry County establishments by North Carolina health officials. The listing includes restaurants, schools, day care facilities, adult care and other facilities. The listings give the health inspector score, if applicable, along with the text of their findings in their words.

Hot Shotz Bar and Grill, 260 Standard St., Elkin. Inspected May 5, score 87.5. Violations: 1) PIC present, Demonstration – Certification by accredited program, and performs duties: Certified Food Protection Manager – C- At least one employee who has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and service shall be a certified food protection manager by taking and passing an ansi accredited program (servsafe for example). This person must be present during the operations including during the inspection.

2) Food in good condition, safe and unadulterated: Safe, Unadulterated and Honestly Presented – P,PF- Observed chicken with a 4/19 pack date that had never been frozen that smelled bad and needed to be discarded. CDI by employee marking to be returned to the meat market for credit and separating from food, equipment, single-service, utensils, and linens. Observed moldy beets and bologna, lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes that were beginning to decompose. CDI by discarding all food.

3) Food-contact surfaces: cleaned and sanitized: Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils – P- Observed pink slime and mold inside the ice machine. Clean and sanitize the ice machine following manufacturer’s instructions. I will return within 10 days for compliance. Observed stored dishes that needed additional cleaning and sanitizing. Cdi by sending to dish. Equipment Food-Contact Surfaces and Utensils-Frequency – P- Observed containers that had a minimum amount of food in the top of the sandwich prep unit that needed cleaning. Also observed containers of wing sauces that the employee stated they cleaned once a week that needed cleaning. Containers in the sandwich prep unit must be cleaned and sanitized every 24 hours and wing sauce containers every 4 hours. Cdi by sending the containers to dish. Also observed mold on drink dispenser heads. Clean as often as needed to preclude accumulation of soil or mold or as directed by the manufacturer. Cdi by washing and sanitizing.

4) Proper reheating procedures for hot holding: Reheating for Hot Holding – P- Observed a container of chili sitting on the grill grate at 85 F. The employee stated it had been there for around 1-1.5 hours. TCS foods must be re-heated to 165 F Within 2 hours and hot held at 135 F. CDI by employee placing the chili on the grill top and re-heating to 166 F.

5) Proper cold holding temperatures: Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Hot and Cold Holding – P- Observed wing sauce where cooked chicken was tossed that had not been changed out and breader that had not been sifted. Wing sauce must be changed out every 4 hours or placed in refrigeration below 41 F. Breader must be sifted every 4 hours and discarded at the end of the day. CDI By employee discarding all of the sauces and dry breading. Do not leave bacon sitting in grease out at room temperature. Water activity is lowered when crisp making in a non-tcs food.

6) Proper date marking and disposition: Ready-To-Eat Potentially Hazardous Food (Time/Temperature Control for Safety Food), Date Marking – PF- Ready to eat potentially hazardous foods prepared and held for more than 24 hours shall be marked to indicate the date by which the food shall be consumed, sold, or discarded. If food is held between 42-45 degrees F the food may be held for 4 days. If the food is held at 41 degrees f and below the food may be held for 7 days. The day of preparation shall count as day one. Date mark chili, bbq, and cut lettuce and cabbage. Cdi by employee date marking the food.

7) Thermometers provided and accurate: Food Temperature Measuring Devices – PF- Need to purchase a battery or another small diameter probe thermometer to measure the temperature of thin foods and chicken wings. I will return within 10 days for compliance.

8) Equipment, food and non-food-contact surfaces approved; cleanable, properly designed, constructed and used *REPEAT VIOLATION* Good Repair and Proper Adjustment-Equipment – C- Replace the gasket on the 2-door freezer in the dish room that is in bad repair. Food Equipment, Certification and Classification – C- Observed a domestic crock pots in use in the kitchen that is for home use. Only equipment approved for commercial settings is allowed. Gasket needs to be replaced on the two-door cooler across from the prep table.

9) Non-food-contact surfaces clean: Equipment, Food-Contact Surfaces, Nonfood-Contact Surfaces, and Utensils – C- Observed heavy build-up inside refrigeration and on refrigeration shelving. 2-door reach-in has a bad smell. Clean thoroughly. Clean tops, sides, legs and feet of equipment. Clean inside the microwave. Clean dry food and prep table shelving. Additional cleaning needed in the grill area. Clean the outside of seasoning containers and dry food containers.

10) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions – C- Clean floors, walls and ceilings. Clean floors/walls under and behind equipment. Clean grease build-up in the service sink.

Magic Moments Learning Academy child care, 130 Williamson Ave., Mount Airy. Inspected March 16. Violations: 1) Free of storage and in good repair; cleaning and disinfecting solutions labeled;approved diapering methods used; diaper changing and handwashing signs posted: There is not a diaper changing instruction poster posted in the diaper changing room in the 2-3 year olds’ room.

2) Individual linen provided; adequate beds, cots, or mats provided, in good repair, properly stored, labeled, spaced during use: Two children in the 2-3 year olds’ classroom were in cots that were incorrectly labeled. According to the teacher, the two children in question were new to the room and the cot list had not been changed. I would recommend (it is not required) to place the child’s name on each individual cot. This way, you do not have to refer to the cot list, which is in another room, each day for naps. This will hopefully ensure that each child is placed with the correct cot.

Papa John’s Pizza 1800, 2033 Rockford St., Mount Airy. Inspected March 11, score 96. Violations: 1) Toxic substances properly identified, stored, and used: Poisonous or Toxic Material Containers-Container Prohibitions – P — Sanitizer was placed in a glass cleaner bottle. Sanitizers can not be placed in containers that once stored a toxic chemical. This was corrected by dumping the sanitizer down the drain. 7-102.11 Common Name-Working Containers – PF — The sanitizer in the glass cleaner bottle was labeled both “glass cleaner” and “sanitizer.” Only one label should be used. “Sanitizer” was removed from the bottle after dumping it down the drain. It will be used as a glass cleaner bottle only.

2) Insects and rodents not present; no unauthorized animals: Outer Openings, Protected – C — The front door to the establishment was propped open as I entered for the inspection. Doors opening to the outside must be kept closed at all times. Controlling Pests – PF — There were numerous flies in the establishment. Possibly from the door being propped open. Again, keep the door closed as much as possible. This was corrected by closing the door.

3) Non-food-contact surfaces clean: Nonfood Contact Surfaces – C — Clean all non-food contact surfaces (top of pizza oven, shelving, top of drink machine, etc.).

4) Garbage and refuse properly disposed; facilities maintained: Area, Enclosures and Receptacles, Good Repair – C — The can wash basin has a significant crack at the bottom that needs to be repair/replaced. 5-501.113 Covering Receptacles – C — The side door on the dumpster was halfway open during the inspection. Keep doors closed on the dumpsters.

5) Physical facilities installed, maintained and clean: Floors, Walls and Ceilings-Cleanability – C — REPEAT: The wood that the base moulding is attached looks unfinished in some areas. The wood needs to be sealed or painted with a nonabsorbant, easy-to-clean paint. Also, there is some separation between the wall and the wooden base board. These openings should be filled in with caulk or silicone to prevent a difficult cleaning situation and harborage from pests. Repair or replace the door to the walk-in cooler where damaged. Keep all storage at least 6 inches off of the floor to facilitate cleaning. Repair broken floor tile where needed. Floor and Wall Junctures, Coved, and Enclosed or Sealed – C — REPEAT: The base around the walls/floor junctures have been repaired, but there is a missing section to the right of the can wash that needs to be finished. Replace the missing baseboard from underneath the 3-compartment sink. Cleaning, Frequency and Restrictions – C — Clean the floor where needed.

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