Sheriff endorses Justice Edmunds

To the Editor,

As your sheriff I have the opportunity to witness firsthand the performance of our criminal justice system.

Law Enforcement Officers live each day dealing with the implications of court decisions that affect our ability to do our jobs, primarily to protect lives and property. The decisions made at every level of our court system have real and lasting effects on victims and honest citizens who never asked to be brought into the system, but whose lives have been affected by others who choose to live outside the boundaries of the law.

Law Enforcement, victims, and witnesses often find that they are put on trial instead of those whose criminal acts brought them before the court.

Too often, court decisions leave law enforcement confused and victims baffled. Occasionally a champion arises; one who has the ability and inclination to merge the law with common sense and the determination to stand for justice. North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds is such a champion.

Justice Edmunds has served on the North Carolina Supreme Court for sixteen years. During that time he has proven himself to be a consistent voice for fairness and common sense. Justice Edmunds knows the law, he respects the constitution of the State of North Carolina and he exercises those attributes at each sitting of the court.

Before going on the bench, Justice Edmunds served as a state prosecutor in Guilford County, as well as a federal prosecutor in the Middle District of North Carolina. He also practiced as a criminal defense attorney.

While working as a criminal practitioner, Justice Edmunds sometimes rode along all night with law enforcement officers to gain real-life experience in the field. He knows and understands why so many bridges across our state have the names of fallen officers attached to them. Justice Edmunds knows first-hand what it is like to ride in a patrol car with a blood-spattered murder suspect in the back seat. The godfather of one of Justice Edmunds sons is a retired police lieutenant.

Those are among the many reasons that I proudly and enthusiastically endorse and recommend Bob Edmunds for North Carolina Supreme Justice. Ninety-four out of 100 North Carolina Sheriffs agree with me that Bob Edmunds is the clear and appropriate choice.

I urge everyone to take time to go to the polls on Tuesday, June 7, and take a stand for justice by voting Bob Edmunds for North Carolina Supreme Court. As your sheriff, I can tell you this matters in the day-to-day quality of life issues for all the citizens of North Carolina.

Graham H. Atkinson,

Surry County Sheriff

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